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WhatsApp 2021 APK: The Ultimate Guide to Downloading and Installing

Nowadays, many people use WhatsApp to share videos, photos, audio, and much more. If you want to use WhatsApp with some extra features, then GBWhatsApp APK is available to download and install on your device.

download whatsapp 2021 apk

Send Maximum Pictures: Additionally, as compared to official Whatsapp you can send more than 90 pictures at a time. Also, you can send 50 MB video clip and 100 MB audio clip to your contact.

Endless Themes: Plus, in this Customization version of Whatsapp theme feature is also introduced. So there are so many amazing themes and Emojis that you can apply to your phone according to your mode.

Besides, Whatsapp Plus APK does not claim any hidden charges so you can use it without any stress of paying something. This messaging APK app is the best way to impress your friends with the stunning features of Whatsapp Plus APK.

As mentioned before using the Whatsapp APK app is quite easy and installing this app is just a piece of cake. The following mentioned is the simple and quickest way to install this app on your smartphone.

This feature is only available for the Whatsapp Business Accounts, but Whatsapp Plus has come up with this feature to facilitate its users. So, by using this feature you can set and send an Auto-reply message to people you want.

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Whatsapp Plus APK has been designed with another awesome feature of History and Logs that was not offered by official Whatsapp. In this case, you can keep the record of every activity that is done on your account. This feature can be very beneficial for you in various ways.

This app allows the user to share the things in a way that Official Whatsapp does not support. It allows you to share HD quality images, videos longer than 30 seconds, 50 MB of video size, and 100 MB of Audio size.

Google had removed this App from the play store after the DMCA takedown. But it is still available to download from various other sources. So, there is an issue with the authenticity and legality of this App. If you are an advanced user, then you may regard for the law. But you cannot call this App a legal one nor illegal one.

By all means, Whatsapp Plus APK is the app that will leave you spellbound. You can customize your app in the way you like. In this way, you can give an entirely new look to your profile and chat windows. Furthermore, this app will provide you with the endless and advanced features that the official version cannot. Thus, download this APK app from the link mentioned above and enjoy its incredible features.

Whatsapp Plus APK is one of the most popular versions of the Official Whatsapp and has been used by millions of users. This APK app is designed by so many advanced and latest features that are lacked by the official version. Yes, with Whatsapp Plus APK you can hide your last seen, change various themes and much more. Whatsapp Plus APK is one of the user- friendly messaging app like GBWhatsapp and the best cheapest way to stay in contact with your friends and loved ones. In short, it is the simplest way to connect with people whether they are living in any part of the World.

This trick is really effective and helpful but the problem is that if i am not using whatsapp then neither i recieVe notification of call nor i hear any ringtone(even if i am connected to a internet).

As you are all here to know about the new 2023 WhatsApp Aero APK that is why it is worth downloading. Well, this mod has a brand new user interface which gives us a decent look. And Aero mod is not only about its look but the performance. The stability of this mod is way ahead of any WhatsApp mod available right now. Bozkurt Hazarr developed this APK with an entirely different WhatsApp mod.

WhatsApp Aero has a new Aero Themes store where you can find so many themes as well as sticker packs. Also, this feature is inbuilt. You can download sticker packs and use them in the chats to make your conversation look cool. You can also find YoThemes on the Aero store.

Tap on install. After enabling installation from an unknown source, just locate WhatsApp Aero APK in your device. You can find it by following this>device storage>downloads>WhatsApp Aero APK. Now, open the APK and tap on the install button and wait for a few seconds. The installation will be finished shortly.

Everything is set up perfectly. Enjoy all the features of WhatsApp Aero on your device. Also, if you face any problems using WhatsApp Aero regarding any feature, make sure you comment on the article. We will help you in no time. Also, keep updated on your WhatsApp Aero by visiting us and downloading the latest version of the WA Aero Mod APK.

You can download Signal 5.16 by joining the test program on the Play Store, but we've also got the APK over at APK Mirror if you don't want to fully commit to beta builds. Whichever path you choose, the stable Signal version on your phone will be overwritten with the beta, and you'll have to wait for the next higher stable release to return to the stable channel if you don't want to go through restoring your chats manually.

Once installed, the apps (including AppUpdater for WhatsPlus 2021 GB Yo FM HeyMods and Theme Store for Zap) used bundled malware to harvest sensitive info, including account authentication, to hijack their WhatsApp accounts to send spam messages.

Starting in mid-July, Android's Google Play Protect was updated to detect and disable previously downloaded malicious fake versions of WhatsApp on users' Android devices after Meta alerted Google of their findings.

Statuses are always deleted 24 hours after being posted. Alternatively, users can manually delete their statuses before this period expires. MBWhatsapp allows you to prevent statuses/stories from being deleted for you even after the expected posting period expires. and the download link of this app are 100% safe. All download links of apps listed on are from Google Play Store or submitted by users. For the app from Google Play Store, won't modify it in any way. For the app submitted by users, will verify its APK signature safety before release it on our website.

In Fouad WhatsApp, you can use the themes to add amazing new themes to your WhatsApp. Taking pleasure in all these themes is additionally completely complimentary. You should learn about sticker label packs. Well, with the brand-new update of Fouad WhatsApp, you can add sticker packs and personalized sticker tag loads. You can additionally download and install sticker label tag loads from the game store.

A :Yes, it is completely safe to use Fouad Whatsapp, as the main concern here is your privacy and this has the end-to-end encryption as normal WhatsApp. I am using this mod for months for my business purposes and never faced in problem with the use of this app.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push();YoWhatsApp Apk v9.70 For Android, are you looking for the same? We heard you and decided to share the latest version of YoWA APK with you through this article. It is our promise to provide you Yo WhatsApp Apk Download Link for the latest version with all of our readers. We keep updating download links whenever there will be an update in the app version. (First, before any other website).

The official app is run by Fouad Mokdad as I told you in the last paragraph but another developer known as HeyMods also released its mod and named it as HeyMods YoWhatsApp Apk v21.20.0. Although it is not the official mod still some users want to give it a try so I decided to share its download link as well which you will get in the below section. Well, it is not recommended by me to use this app as it also contains ads in it. Let you know, that we have also shared Yo WhatsApp Old Version Apk as well on our website, so you can download them too.

Many people want to download YoWhatsApp for iPhone as well. So in the below section, I have provided you with the only way to do that and solved all of the queries regarding the same. So, if you are an iPhone/iOS user, just scroll down and you will get a Title named Yo WhatsApp Download for iOS, you will get to know everything in that paragraph.

If you want to select a Mod which has a maximum number of features then YoWhatsApp Apk will be the best choice. Well, on the internet so many modded apps are available but not all of them are so useful. Maybe you have ever used GBWhatsApp, not you? Okay, let you know it is also one of the best WhatsApp Mods which was developed by GBMods. But, now Yousef Al-Basha comes with a Boom and started ruling in the place of all other mods. Every WhatsApp lover started using YoWhatsApp (whatsapp yo) instead of others. Previously we have also shared an article that tells you all about What is YoWhatsApp?.

YoWa comes with Emoji Variant which has so many cool emojis by default. You can send hundreds of emojis to your contacts through this variant. We have only shared Emoji Variant on our blog. There is no variant without emoji is available on our website. So, you can download any package, it is Emoji Variant. ? You will not get these all emojis in any other MOD app.

Interesting? Yeah, this list makes the final decision of most people to install Yo WhatsApp for Android. Maybe you are not aware of these features before reading it. But now you have solved all of your confusion related to this mod application. So, if you have decided to download it on your phone then below we are sharing the download link for you.

It is the first and best YoWa package we have ever seen. There is no need to look at any other package after downloading this one. You will get the maximum features in this package as compared to others. Well, the features are the same in all of the packages. But this package has some additional features like it supports Samsung S5, 6, 7, and Note 4, 5, 7. ? This means it works on all Android phones running on Android version 4.0 and upper. Here is the download link for this package.

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