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Priyanka Part 1 In Hindi Mp4 [HOT]

After being confronted by Krishna at his apartment, they talked about what she said, Priya realises her mistake and stops her boss from revealing Krrish's identity. She then meets Dr. Vikram Sinha, who has been searching for Krishna for years. He tells them that Rohit is still alive; after completing the computer, he and Rohit tested it by starting it with Rohit's retina and heartbeat scan. They saw Siddhant holding Rohit at gunpoint. Rohit understood that Siddhant was going to kill him and then use the computer for his own selfish needs. He destroyed it and later, was being taken as a prisoner by Siddhant until he starts a new future computer.

Priyanka part 1 in hindi mp4

Krrish received positive reviews from critics in India.[47] Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama believed that the film surpassed expectations, but felt that there were issues with pacing in first hour. Overall, he deemed Krrish to be "a terrifically exciting and compelling experience", and awarded the film 4 of 5 stars.[48] Nikhat Kazmi noted in The Times of India that while the superhero and action sequences were appealing, there were not enough of them. He was also not excited by the romantic parts, comparing them to a sightseeing tour, first in India and then in Singapore. He said that overall, this film lacks the fun of its predecessor.[49] On the other hand, Raja Sen said that Krrish was infinitely better than KMG, though ultimately it was all about Hrithik Roshan. Sen and Sukanya Verma, writing for Rediff, both gave the film 3 out of 5 stars, and both said that it was a good film for children. Sen summarised, "So, is it a good superhero movie? No, but it's well-intentioned. It's a full-on kiddie movie, and while a lot of us might be scornful of Krrish, it's heartening to see fantasy officially entering mainstream Bollywood."[50] Verma agreed with other critics that it took too long for the action to get started, and said that a lot of attention was spent showing off Roshan's muscles. He summarised, "Krrish neither has the sleek aura nor the deep-rooted ideology of superheroes. What it does have is a super spirited performance from Hrithik Roshan, which is likely to appeal to children. And that's worth a three-star cheer."[51] Saibal Chatterjee wrote in the Hindustan Times that Krrish is a hackneyed, formulaic masala film, with special effects added on top, and hoped that this would not be the future of Bollywood.[52] Rajeev Masand of CNN-IBN condemned the screenplay and thought that the only thing that made the film watchable was the acting of Hrithik Roshan. He gave the film only 2 out of 5 stars, saying "Krrish is only an average film that could have been so much better if the makers had concentrated as hard on its story as they did on its action and stunts."[53]

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