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Download - Mine-imator

This is the unoffical wiki for the animating program, Mine-imator! We plan to help you on learning about the fan-program "Mine-Imator"! We have information about everything you could need to know about, We have pages on the main features, We have the version history, And we even have pages on the developers! Check out all of the cool stuff we have to offer, and remember, Mine-Imator is a completely Free program. Get it today!

Mine Imator Download Full Version

Mine-imator is an open-source program, and is completely free (and the fact that I accidentally donated to it to get full version makes me facepalm everytime) and is useful for many things. Most people use it for animation but I like to use it for renders and stuff. It also has a Depth of Field function to the camera so you can blur out the background if you want.

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