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Walker - Season 3Eps1 \/\/FREE\\\\

So, you know how I was concerned that since this particular collection of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8, titled Predators and Prey after one of the fives issues contained therein, would be a jumbled incoherent mess without a story arc since there was five different writers telling five different stories instead of a four issue story arc and then one-shot as had been the norm for the season to date? Well, I was wrong. The fifth of eight collections for Buffy Season 8 was far more coherent and cohesive than the arc Joss Whedon penned in the last collection, Time of Your Life. Also, with five different authors, we got an over-arching story that made sense while simultaneously letting us have five separate adventures, and they were all a lot of fun. It was great to have Jane Espenson, Drew Greenberg, and Doug Petrie writing some of the issues as they were long time writers for the show. Yet again, these writers broke down the barrier between TV and comics and made me feel like I had picked up into some long lost episode of the series, except now in comic book form.

Walker - Season 3Eps1


Let me start off by saying I absolutely loved this show. Brian Cranston is such a phenomenal actor so was jimmy Baxter from boardwalk empire I just feel that they should have continued the story there was more than enough to do a season 3 especially after jimmy woke up. I need more

Just as the writing and directing personnel are subject to categorization, so are the plot twists. The women have to be on top, no matter the justification. African American criminals are not really criminals, no matter what you think you see. This is the formula for all premium channels, and has been for about 15 years now. Honestly, especially in a show about New Orleans, a diverse cast is welcome for arristic and not rubbish political reasons. But the primly choreographed all-too foreseeable endings turn good choices into hackneyed cliches already as old as the white male cliche has been for years.The first season was better, mainly because of Cranston. Would watch a third season. What else is there but junk sports and reality garbage?

Season two of Your Honor started slowly,but the second half was brilliant,with top notch acting,writing,directing,cinematography.Final episode tied most issues neatly,but Fía Baxter giving up her baby,is not believable,if you watched her love and care for her baby.Agree with all that state that a third and final season was clearly possible,but I suspect that the excellent Mr.Cranston only agreed on one more season(#2),due to ties with other projects.

I know the song is an ed Sheeran cover, but who sang it at the end of season two of your honor. The name of the song is make it rain. I cannot find it by that great voice that was singing it at the end of the show.

I knew you'd love it! I agree with you, Eccelston was a great Doctor ("Lots of places have a North" - classic), but my favourite Doctor is David Tennant, and you've got all of that still to watch! Oh, you're in for a treat. Season 2, 3 and 4 are all brilliant, each in different ways, and although I think they're better than season 1, they take nothing away from it. Keep an eye out for Steven Moffat episodes, they're among my favourites (I believe he wrote the 'Are you my mummy?' two parter). I envy you so much - you have 4 seasons of greatness to still watch! And season 6 starts soon! Hurray!

"The Empty Child" was one of the first episodes I saw several years back before I became a regular viewer of DW in 2009 with "Planet of the Dead", which was the first in HD. That was the Zoe Slater episode...yes, I too watch trashy British TV."The Empty Child" also features Richard Wilson, who plays Gaius on "Merlin", which, of course, is Anthony Head's current gig.I'm surprised that I've easily accepted Eccleston, Tennant, and Smith as The Doctor. In fact, as blasphemous as it may sound to some, I'm about ready to call Smith my fave. I loved his first season and I'm jacked about his imminent return. I don't share in the Rose Tyler hate, though. I like RT and her Union Jack shirt. I think I would rate FA as my least favourite companion and I really love his current traveling mate.There are so many great adventures yet to come with Tennant and Smith. DW is like BtVS, it's too easy to write it off as childish nonsense instead of giving it the chance it really deserves.As for "Torchwood", I've only seen a couple of the early episodes when they were running on Space: The Imagination Station. However, I did watch "Torchwood: Children of Earth" and absolutely loved it. So, it goes without saying that I'm primed and ready to hand myself over to "Torchwood: Miracle Day" in July. It's long overdue and, thankfully, 10 episodes in length (as compared to COE's skimpy 5).Oh, Blogger, I was ready for you this time. Copied to clipboard before my post was EXTERMINATEd.

Hooray! You are now discussing Doctor Who. Empty Child and The Doctor Dances were my two favorite episodes of the first season. I love each of the three new doctors equally but in different ways. Each time I watch an episode I claim that the Doctor I am watching is my favorite (if that makes sense). In regards to Rose, she might grow on you in the future.

While I don't believe that with Doctor Who there's ever any such thing as fan consensus, I do think your favourite and not so favourite stories track with others pretty much, with the Empty Child, Father's Day, Dalek and the finale at the better end and the Slitheen story in the other direction. (I think End of the World is liked more and The Long Game a little less). I'm personally quite fond of the slitheen two parter. I love that the aliens are comical and the script has some nice satire and great set pieces. It's let down by bad direction but I think it's smart and funny and has some lovely set pieces. I'm surprised you didn't love Boom Town more. I'm not a fan of Buffy but it sure felt the closest Doctor Who has come to what little Buffy I've seen. The whole routine at city hall wouldn't have seemed out of place, to my mind, with the scooby gang. Though perhaps I'm wrong.Season two has some bigger lows than season one but some bigger highs too. I think you'll love David Tennant. Hopefully Rose will grow on you as well.

@LittleMo said..."Dalek was a very poignant episode, and no daleks didn't used to be able to climb stairs. Also we never did see what was inside the case but we did know it was some sort of genetic mutation especially bred by the evil Davros to have no conscience or moral fibre."Actually, Little Mo, since this is not spoilers for the current series/seasons - yes, the Daleks for a long time did not climb stairs. It is an episode with Sylvester McCoy's Doctor that we see Daleks levitate for the first time up stairs (Remembrance of the Daleks Part 1 - 1988). They also showed the inside of the Dalek's casing even as far back as the original Doctor. So we have seen the creature within on a few occasions. Here's a site to go to see how the Daleks evolved. @Nikki said..."I saw a DVD set the other day that was called the Tennant specials, are those in addition to what's on the DVDs or are they something I'll already have? Are they just the Christmas specials?"Nikki, they are not the Christmas Specials. When Tennant announced that he was leaving, they decided not to do a full series between Tennant's third season and the beginning of the next Doctor (Matt Smith). They chose to do a series of five specials instead. Some of us still consider to be a series -just with less eps as a regular series generally has about 11 to 13 eps including the Christmas Special.This is the same with Torchwood - up to season 3, which is only 5 episodes (and some of the BEST, DAMN television you will ever(!) see), the first two series were longer.So, yes, get them. They will get to the Tennant regeneration to Matt Smith's Doctor. Just don't watch them until you get to that point. :)

That season of Doctor Who was my first experience with it as well. My husband grew up watching the originals but I've never seen them (we were a non-cable family). It's been a while since I watched that season, so I don't remember a lot of details, but I remember my first reaction being that it was so cheesy and campy. I didn't think I could get past that and get involved in the stories....but then I did. It amazes me sometimes how involved I can get, considering how a lot of it looks so fake. Season 1 was good, but the Tennant seasons were fabulous - loved David Tennant as the Doctor and I loved the first Matt Smith season as well. Can't wait for the new season to start!

Nikki, I'm so glad you started watching Dr Who. I'm totally addicted to it! (and Torchwood too). I was once challenged that knowing about Daleks and Dr Who would be the sign of my ultimate assimilation (I'm from Poland but live in the UK). I started watching from mid-season 2, so only later backtracked to season 1 with Eccleston. I was worried I wouldn't like him, but he's great. I do adore David Tennant:) But wait till you get to Matt Smith! He's just pure awesomeness:)As for Torchwood, as someone said before me, it's useful to watch in the Dr Who timeline (i.e. with season 3). Dr Who is a family show; Torchwood is for adults. I love it but I admit it grows on you, and without the context of Dr seasons 1 and 2, might be quite obscure at the beginning.Enjoy Dr Who fun

Just a quick fyi - Nikki, you are not alone. There is a teacher who works with me who loved this Doctor Who t-shirt I got recently from TeeFury. It has all 11 Doctors pouring out of (or into) the TARDIS.So I gave her Eccleston's season on Friday. She watched the first ep over the weekend and wanted to give the DVDs back. I told her about you and that she needs to stick to it and see what happens after she views Dalek.I wait in anticipation... :) 041b061a72

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