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GTA San Andreas Radio Songs: Everything You Need to Know About the Music of the Game

yeah in san andreas if you have a special radio station on your in-game radio you can get a special license plate for your car. it is called the handjob plate. if you do not have it, you have to kill someone to get it. it costs $5,000, and that is the only way to get it. i also think that special radio stations are in vice city, but that may just be a rumor.

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  • when you go into the custom radio station, you will see an option to add a radio station. the radio stations in the game are available to choose from, and you can choose from a selection of genres. to add a radio station, you will have to: click on "radio" and you will be able to choose the type of radio station you want.

  • click on the radio station and choose a name for the radio station.

  • choose a folder where you want the radio station to be saved.

it has all the genres, and you can actually choose which radio station to listen to by adding a new one. in the single player mode, you can listen to your own custom radio station, or simply listen to the radio stations that are in the game. you can listen to them in the same order as if you were in the radio mode, or you can listen to them as the game progresses, and you can change the order of the songs that you hear.

if you go into the player options in the game, you can enter a custom radio station and you can save it as a radio station. i never use the custom radio stations cause they are only about 2 songs, so i listen to one of the stations that are already in the game.

the radio stations are named differently, but are similar to the radio stations that are in vice city and iii. the stations are kept in the same order in all the cities, so you can listen to them all in the same order, as they are in the gta series.

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