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RE: Hero Academia

Rikiya is first seen on TV promoting his company, making the announcement that he plans to support heroes themselves with their latest lifestyle support inventions. Afterwards, he's later seen having a personal discussion with his employee, Miyashita, regarding the marketing with Quirks. He then brings up a book and mentions how he's looked into it. When Miyashita takes a look, he notes that the book was written and published by Destro, the former leader of the Meta Liberation Army, who is well known for his terroristic acts. Growing frustrated with Miyashita's negative comments, he asks if he happens to have any relatives by his side. He then speaks highly of him, of how he hard working he was and how much he wanted to introduce him to the other members of his company. However, he states Miyashita is a hindrance before deciding to strangle him to death. He then sheds tears at his employees' demise.

RE: Hero Academia

Rikiya later made contact with Tomura Shigaraki, introducing himself as Re-Destro. He reveals to him that he has captured Giran and has pinpointed the exact location of the league. He then offers Tomura the opportunity to either challenge him in a battle or to lose at the hands of the heroes.

The world of My Hero Academia is quite similar to reality, with the major difference being that 80% of the population possess superhuman abilities known as Quirks. Quirks have changed society in a variety of ways. For example, the profession of being a superhero is now a widely accepted and popular career, but this same hero society does have plenty of darker aspects.

Having access to such incredible data has allowed Magnus to get stronger exponentially quickly while surpassing those who wronged him in the past, much like Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia. In My Hero Academia, Midoriya is one of the select few from his world who wasn't born with a superhuman ability known as a Quirk. Because of this perceived failure, he was ridiculed mercilessly by his childhood friend Bakugo Katsuki since Midoriya still endeavored to become a hero despite him not having any powers.

However, Midoriya's spirit and drive to help others despite this obvious drawback ends up impressing the number-one hero All Might so much he passes on his One For All power to the Quirkless boy, a decision that later allows Midoriya to surpass Katsuki. A similar situation comes to pass in The Strongest Wizard when Magnus is kicked out of his adventure party for being weak and an ineffective member of the team. But upon Magnus acquiring the encyclopedia, he quickly becomes much stronger than his former teammates and even saves them from a powerful monster that he's able to defeat on his own. 041b061a72

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