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If My Heart Had Wings [English, Adult Content Restored] Game

however, i do believe that the best solution for visual novels is to take the best of two worlds. take the pros and cons of an all-ages visual novel, as long as its not a horribly dirty one, and add in whatever pros and cons an eroge has. the h-scenes in this game are fine, and im not sure why people are so upset about them. if they go too far (like the "flashing" scenes in idolmaster) then we need to recognize that visual novels, whether they be ero or not, contain visual content. like most visual content, the type we like, which is very rare, is women and men showing their bodies in locations that are appropriate.

If My Heart Had Wings [English, Adult Content Restored] game


the kissing scenes in moenepace (which im sure many can agree are not h-scenes) are fine. despite the lack of censorship, this game is still a very good visual novel, and im sure the first few "spoiled people" who read this will only want to play it because it has the kissing scenes. i can see this title living on without the adult content and becoming the go-to title for all of the kiss-hungry. i think girlfriend saga, which is still very good despite its lack of adult content, could never achieve this, because it isnt the same genre as moenepace. the dating sims and student romances are different enough that people wouldnt be able to get into it if its missing the kissing scenes. i recommend moenepace if your looking for a good dating sim with a lot of detail and one that you can give much time to. in fact, moenepace is one of the few games in history where ive taken a longer time to finish due to the sheer amount of content it offers and how well-developed it is. there are games that offer more content, but theyre all sex-games, so youre only limited by your imagination. with that i hope ive answered your question.

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