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Blood And Hexes By May Sage

This version of EZ Mode is the same Oak-Aged Ale based with Pink Guava, but then also conditioned on Pineapple.Light and subtly tart with notes of overripe guava, candied pineapple, peach rings, fresh squeezed blood orange, white nectarine, and a soft oak presence.

Blood and Hexes by May Sage


Citra, Centennial Cryo, and Talus hops.Beckons you with robust aromatics of rose petal, tropical fruits, and sage.It has a lingering mouthfeel as your taste buds explode with notes of juicy cantaloupe, lemon, citrus, and pink grapefruit, with a perfect bitter zing finale from the Centennial Cryo.

There are some drawbacks. Hex Mage gets boring and repetitive. You can deal insane damage but takes a while to setup. Something Hex severely lacks is Impact. Torment deals almost none, Rupture can dish out a great burst of Impact depending on how many hexes enemies have, but then you need to reapply them. It's a one-off. Hex relies on either weapons or other classes for Impact. You can kite and simply put some hexes to even Arena Bosses, where you can't prep, but it's a little bit harder.

Jinx: I have to admit I didn't use it much. You inflict one random Hex on an enemy, for 3 more Mana than a normal Hex. It is supposed to allow you to simply use one hotkey slot instead of the usual 5, but it fails miserably, because to apply all 5 you need to spam it quite a lot, and be lucky. You usually end up with reapplying the same 3 hexes. Sometimes you get lucky and do a 5 cast and have all hexes, but it's so inconsistent...

Rupture: This is the skill you're taking if Hex Mage is your "main Class" and the others are only there to support it. You place all hexes on enemies, and the more enemies the merrier. Because each will cause an AOE blast that hits each other. That said, Rupture removes the Hexes so you either defeat your enemies with that or you're in for a really bad time. Torment is more safe. It deals only around 50% of Rupture's Damage, but you don't need to reapply Hexes. Assuming you're using Mana to cast the Hexes, Torment can potentially be more Mana efficient, depending on how many enemies are there and other factors.

Rupture loves builds where it's easy to apply some hexes, where it comes NATURAL to apply them. Things like Primal's AOE with built-in Doomed and Haunted is a prime example. Also using a Class that needs an offhand weapon and you can choose to use one that applies Hexes can make a huge difference.

Kazite has no interactions with Blood Sigil; on the other hand, it also doesn't deal a lot of hexes, unless you pick the right weapon/offhand, but that's something every Class can do. You're free to choose what you pick, but I'd say Rupture is probably more useful depending on what your weapon and offhand are.

I didn't want to speak of specific weapons with specific enchantments... but Steel Sabre with Rainbow Hex is most of the time what you're going to use for Hex Mage. It's a really fast weapon. Actually, it's the fastest. And with a Wind Imbue, it gets even faster and has more impact, although the impact is still ridiculously low even with Rage. The fastest weapon in the game, which applies hexes on multiple hits, it's quite powerful for Hex with Rupture.

Extra Stealth is nice. You can sneak, get some hexes without being seen, then Backstab and Torment. Maybe you even applied Confusion and Pain some other way and can now Opportunist Stab them and the enemy is down for another pair of seconds for a second Torment.

Blood Sigil is probably what you want to pick with this Class, because Blood Leech is really good. You could also pick the right weapon/dagger combination to dish out Ruptures with no big setting up of hexes, but Blood Leech is better imho.

It's possible to take some nice Chakram/1H Weapon/Enchantment combinations to apply most if not all hexes with only Melee attacks and Chakram attacks. Maelstrom Blade with puncture and Kazite Chakram with Musings of a philosopher would net you with Confusion, Pain, Schorched and Chilled in a few hits, for example. You could add Drums and Chimes (doesn't need a breakthrough) to add Doom and Haunt. That's basically all but Curse!

And regaring Blood Sigil VS Rupture, I'd say Rupture this time, because you can potentially cause tons of hexes. Confusion, Pain, maybe another two or three with Weapon and Offhand, and let's remember that Flash Onslaught can deal those hexes AOE basically!

Most Classes play well with this combination. Mercenary to apply another two hexes and staying ranged. Wild Hunter to use Predator Leap against enemies near the Drums to simultaneusly put them to the ground and sound some music.

The first hexagram is made up of six unbroken lines. These unbroken lines stand for the primal power, which is light-giving, active, strong, and of the spirit. The hexagram is consistently strong in character, and since it is without weakness, its essence is power or energy. Its imageis heaven. Its energy is represented as unrestricted by any fixed conditions in space and is therefore conceived of as motion. Time is regarded as the basis of this motion. Thus the hexagram includes also the power of timeand the power of persisting in time, that is, duration. The power represented by the hexagram is to be interpreted in a dual sense in terms of its action on the universe and of its action on the world of men. In relation to the universe, the hexagram expresses the strong, creative action of the Deity. In relation to the human world, it denotes the creative action of the holy man or sage, of the ruler or leader of men, who through his power awakens and develops their higher nature.

Since there is only one heaven, the doubling of the trigram Ch'ien, of which heaven is the image, indicates the movement of heaven. One complete revolution of heaven makes a day, and the repetition of the trigram means that each day is followed by another. This creates the idea of time.Since it is the same heaven moving with untiring power, there is alsocreated the idea of duration both in and beyond time, a movement thatnever stops nor slackens, just as one day follows another in an unendingcourse. This duration in time is the image of the power inherent in theCreative. With this image as a model, the sage learns how best to develophimself so that his influence may endure. He must make himself strong inevery way, by consciously casting out all that is inferior and degrading.Thus he attains that tirelessness which depends upon consciously limitingthe fields of his activity.

A place of transition has been reached, and free choice can enterin. A twofold possibility is presented to the great man: he can soar to theheights and play an important part in the world, or he can withdraw intosolitude and develop himself. He can go the way of the hero or that of theholy sage who seeks seclusion. There is no general law of his being. If theindividual acts consistently and is true to himself, he will find the waythat is appropriate for him. This way is right for him and without blame.

Things that accord in tone vibrate together. Things that have affinity in their inmost natures seek one another. Water flows to what is wet,fire turns to what is dry. Clouds (the breath of heaven) follow the dragon, wind (the breath of earth) follows the tiger. Thus the sage arises, and all creatures follow him with their eyes. What is born of heaven feelsrelated to what is above. What is born of earth feels related to what isbelow. Each follows its kind.

In the top place the dark element should yield to the light. If it attempts to maintain a position to which it is not entitled and to rule instead of serving, it draws down upon itself the anger of the strong.A struggle ensues in which it is overthrown, with injury, however, to both sides. The dragon, symbol of heaven, comes to fight the false dragon that symbolized the inflation of the earth principle. Midnight blue is thecolor of heaven; yellow is the color of earth. Therefore, when black andyellow blood flow, it is a sign that in this unnatural contest both primalpowers suffer injury.

If one is in the difficult and responsible position of counselor to a powerful man, on should restrain him in such a way that the threatof actual bloodshed may arise. Nonetheless, the power of disinterestedtruth is greater than all theses obstacles. It carries such weight thatthe end is achieved, and all danger of bloodshed and all fear disappear.

The situation of a lonely sage is indicated here. He remains withdrawn from the bustle of life, seeks nothing, asks nothing of anyone, and travels through life unassailed, on a level road. Since he is content and does not challenge fate, he remains free of entanglements.

In the fullness of possession and at the height of power, one remains modest and gives honor to the sage who stands outside the affairs ofthe world. By this means one puts oneself under the beneficent influencedescending form heaven, and all goes well. Confucius says of this line:

This refers to a man, an exalted sage, who has already put the turmoil of the world behind him. But a follower appears who understands him and is not to be put off. So the sage comes back into the world and aids the other in his work. Thus there develops an eternal tie between the two. The allegory is chosen from the annals of the Chou dynasty. The rulersof this dynasty honored men who had served them well by awarding them aplace in the royal family's temple of ancestors on the Western Mountain.In this way they were regarded as sharing in the destiny of the ruling family.

Not every man has an obligation to mingle in the affairs of the world. There are some who are developed to such a degree that they are justified in letting the world go its own way and refusing to enter public lifewith a view to reforming it. But this does not imply a right to remainidle or to sit back and merely criticize. Such withdrawal is justifiedonly when we strive to realize in ourselves the higher aims of mankind.For although the sage remains distant from the turmoil of daily life, hecreates incomparable human values for the future. 041b061a72

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