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Cassette Classics Gold Loops Pack WAV \/\/TOP\\\\

Expanding our collection of free tape processed drum machine samples, I am proud to announce the release of the Cassette 909 drum sample library. Based on an extensive set of clean 909 drum machine recordings created by Edgar Maguyon, this free sample pack adds a touch of that lo-fi audio cassette crunch to the iconic 909 drum sound.

Cassette Classics Gold Loops Pack WAV

'Vintage Tape Drum Loops' pack brings you 50 hard banging drum loops ready for you to drag-and-drop right into your favorite DAW so you can instantly focus on your sample or melody. Those loops are pre-mastered and pulled through Vintage Tape so they get rough touch, unlike anything you've heard before.

These Drum Loops will give you more than enough unique sounds to create your new Hip Hop / Rap Banger. Melodies from preview are also included in the pack as seamless loops, should you need them.

The second half of the pack includes a collection of synths, recorded with such classics as Moog Prodigy, Korg MS-20, Yamaha CS-30, Access Virus, Nord Lead, etc. This section of the pack places a particular emphasis on bass sounds. However, you can also find various key chords, pads, FX and lead sounds.

An incredibly high quality package with 6 VINYL EPs cut for DJ quality and levels of volume, with over two thirds being unreleased and exclusive VIP versions! Alongside remastered in-demand classics restored from their original source DAT tape pre-masters recorded directly from Subbase Studios.

This sample pack is a tribute to the golden era of soul music, providing a source of inspiration for producers looking to craft everything from vintage hip-hop beats to modern R&B tracks. The samples included in Soul Mania Vol. 1 are a perfect foundation for those looking to bring a touch of soul to their productions.

The frames are fully finished, ready to hang and include additional copies of your release and can even be provided with a full colour printed metal plaque with your artwork on to celebrate the cassette release or as a memento for the band members. The frames can include both a copy of the tape and also the packaging and are available in black or white borders with black or white backgrounds.

In Europe we use the EAN 13 barcode system and in North America the UPC system is used. We can register an EAN 13 barcode for you and embed the barcode graphic within your cassette packaging artwork for just 12+VAT. The only information that we will require from you will be the name of the band/artist and the title of the release, then just leave a suitable space in your artwork and we will register the barcode and add it to your artwork for you, all for just 12+VAT.

2. By uploading onlineAny size of files can be uploaded to us free of charge online via our WeTransfer upload - please remember to provide your order details (band name, type of cassettes required, packaging type, total order quantity and delivery address) in the information field when uploading.

Do you remember this awesome time period around the 2000s? Trance music at its peak - it even managed to happen in the radio / mainstream with these wonderful melodic vocals! Now its time to revive these sounds (and vocals!) with the new Vocal Trance expansion pack for your VPS Avenger. This big pack contains tons of sounds from around the 00s, drums, arps, leads, pads and -of course- 24 complete vocal kits (as multiloops, so they follow your tempo and key seamlessy). Its a blast to play all these sequences live - or in other words: a blast from the past! Truly a must have for every trance producer.

Finally volume 2 of Deep House is here, and its going "deeper" than anytime before! Andy Hinz impressively demonstrates the magic of deep grooves, slightly lofi, atmospheric, big low end, melodic, always lush & chilling - thats the essence of the new Deep House 2 for VPS Avenger! This big expansion pack with 140 presets contains many inspiring arps, basses, pads, leads, riser effects, vocals, pianos, natural instruments and of course 31 perfectly balanced drumkits for your tracks, as well as new samples, shapes and granular loops. Dont miss this wonderful versatile expansion pack for nearly any House, Minimal or Chill/Lounge genre!

Welcome to the next level of cinematic sound design: Cinematic Loops 1 is here! Manuel Schleis & Andy Hinz opened their sound archives and created a unique masterpiece of 133 action driven blockbuster sounds, using over 170 outstanding granular loops, 30 new epic drumkits and many new cinematic multisamples. This pack plays arps/sequences, similar to the "Atmospherica" expansion pack, but with more control: This time, granular and regular synthesis blend seamlessy together, to create wild pumping basslines, spectral textures, sinister drones, beautiful atmospheres and thrilling effects, cinematic risers, real orchestral stuff and so much more... This pack impressively shows what Avenger can do - You will love to use this also in your Trance, Chill or EDM productions for sure.

Back in the hood: Hip Hop 2 is here! And man, this is a huge pack: explore 143 new presets with the lowest basslines, deep 808 booms, melancholic arps, pianos, flutes, bells and wonderful pads and synth lines. Besides these many new presets you get 30 outstanding drumkits, three new saxophone multiloops, cool granular stuff and tons of new multisamples. Don`t miss this incredible beat-building machine!

Attention, this expansion is a true masterpiece: "Atmospherica" is here! Its 100% made of granular synthesis and comes with a vast library of perfectly crafted granular loops and presets. Manuel Schleis & Andy Hinz teamed up to bring all their expertise into this huge expansion pack. Explore some of the most beautiful soundscapes, textures, atmospheres, mini compositions, basslines, pads, drums, vocals, ethnic instruments, drones and effects you will ever encounter. Each preset will transport a special feeling or mood: sadness, despair, joy, tension, mystery, adventure, epical, hope or horror. Instantly inspiring! All presets are usable for all kinds of Cinematic stuff, Trance, Ambient, Techno or Trailer/Media music - all you have to do is press one key and play with the macro dials, macro buttons or the modwheel which will transform and morph the preset dramatically! You can play on every key and in every BPM: Avengers granular engine will follow seamlessy. This expansion is pure art and should be in every producers' toolbox!

HandsUp is back! Who dont remember this smashing dance genre back in the early 2000s? In the times were Vengeance-Sounds first samplepack "Essential Clubsounds 1" came out and started shaping the entire genre. Back in the days where clubmusic was fun, fast and full of energy, the creator of this pack Manuel Schleis had over 300 releases on Vinyl and CDs and with this expansion pack he goes back to his musical roots: On 136 impressive Avenger Presets he shows why this genre still exists and still has its own growing fanbase! This extensive expansionpack also includes 35 club destroying drumkits, 26 MC/Rap loops as granular loops, tons of new shapes, samples & wavetables. Of course all the leads, basses, pads and arps leads are still being used today in modern EDM or pop music, so don't hesitate to add a bit of the classic HandsUp flavour to your EDM tracks!

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