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Microfocus Mainframe Express 2.5 Download Pc =LINK=

A mainframe file should be transferred to the PC in binary format. If, initially, this file is a variable-length indexed file, use the mainframe program VRECGEN to perform an initial reformat of the file on the mainframe. The Data File Converter can then download and process the file.

Microfocus Mainframe Express 2.5 download pc

Download Zip:

If you specify the input file as a mainframe report format file, but it was created on the PC using a downloaded mainframe application, you may receive error message 139, Input file not "real" mainframe report format. This can occur if the printer output has been created in PC format rather than the mainframe report format. Check directives used to control the compilation and execution of the program.

The default format is Micro Focus and this would normally be used for files downloaded from the host and recreated on the PC. If the selected file is an emulation of the mainframe VSAM entry-sequenced dataset, then ESDS should be selected as this provides the emulation of VSAM ESDS on the PC.

VRECGEN is a mainframe utility. Use VRECGEN to create a copy of a variable-length mainframe file. That copy embeds record length information in the data records for download from the mainframe to the PC. Micro Focus provides the source code for the VRECGEN utility (vrecgen.cbl). However, you may need to modify the source code before use, in order to specify options not catered for by the supplied version vrecgen.cbl.

If you plan to download variable-length test files, you must first upload and compile the VRECGEN program in your mainframe environment. This program is provided as a sample COBOL program for converting mainframe variable-length format files.

Note: The VRECGEN and VRECGEN2 file formats are incompatible in that VRECGEN format is used to download files from the mainframe and VRECGEN2 format is used to upload Micro Focus format files to the mainframe.

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