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Tanenbaum Data Structure Pdf Free Download

UNIT 1:Review of C programming language.Introduction to Data Structure: Concepts ofData and Information, Classification of Data structures, Abstract Data Types,Implementation aspects: Memory representation. Data structures operations andits cost estimation. Introduction to linear data structures- Arrays, Linked List:Representation of linked list in memory, different implementation of linked list.Circular linked list, doubly linked list, etc. Application of linked list: polynomialmanipulation using linked list, etc.

tanenbaum data structure pdf free download

UNIT 5:Sorting: Introduction, Sort methods like: Bubble Sort, Quick sort. Selection sort,Heap sort, Insertion sort, Shell sort, Merge sort and Radix sort; comparison ofvarious sorting techniques. Searching: Basic Search Techniques: Sequentialsearch, Binary search, Comparison of search methods. Hashing & Indexing. CaseStudy: Application of various data structures in operating system, DBMS etc.

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